Ayurvedic Consultation Near Me | Naturopathic Practitioner & Treatment
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  • Know your ‘Prakriti’ through consultation.
  • Determine your body constitution (Vata,Pitta and Kapha).
  • Maintain your Dosha balance.
  • Diet and lifestyle corrections.

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Ayurveda Pharmacy

  • Desert Ayurveda have fully fledged Ayurveda medicine supply.
  • We arranges all generic medicines, traditional and patent Ayurvedic or herbal medicines.

naturopathy treatment uae


  • Desert Ayurveda have MOH Licensed treatment staffs under licensed practitioner.
  • We do treatments according to traditional and scientific way.
  • Desert Ayurveda have facilitated treatment sections.

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Yoga & Naturopathy

  • We provide Naturopathy consultation with licensed naturopathic practitioner.
  • Diet and lifestyle consultation and corrections.
  • Provide proper Naturopathic and Yogic treatments.
  • Tailor made yoga therapy for your specific problems.
  • General Yoga for general well-being.

naturopathy treatment uae

Home Service

  • Desert Ayurveda provides home service for geriatric cases and post-natal therapies.
  • Desert Ayurveda have full facility for home services.